Long lasting clearomizer

I’m always looking for value for money in my e cig supplies so I tend to look for a long lasting clearomizer.

Best clearomizer to start off with?

Like most vapers I started off with a ce4 clearomizer and ego battery. I personally wouldn’t reccomend this now to others as theres so many more advanced clearomizers available for a low price. If I was starting again I’d skip straight to the variable voltage route and get myself a higher quality battery with a clearomizer from one of the big brands such as Kangertech or Innokin. I personally got my first clearomizer from here┬ávape-daily in the UK, they always seem to have some of the best prices and you can use code ‘doyouevenvape’ for a further 10% saving. You can see Kangertechs website is here, they’re based in Shenzhen but have offices in America now.
Kangertech have the very popular genitank series that I’ve had a lot of success with, they come in a variety of sizes.genitank

The picture above shows their standard genitank which is a 3 ml clearomizer but can be filled slightly higher, I like them as they have the air flow control valve which means you can adjust the amount of vapour your tank produces. They fit all standard ego threaded batteries but you can also use them with mechanical mods if you get a adapter for the thread.

Which clearomizer lasts the longest?

Most clearomizers now come with replaceable coil heads, whereas before you’d have to throw it away after a couple of weeks now you can just replace the atomizer and you’re set to vape again.
I’ve had a few problems with Innokins clearomizer series in the past so I’d recommend to go with Kanger again, their aerotanks or genitanks always seem to last me around 3 weeks before I need to change over the coil.
You can expect your aerotank to last 6 months or more before the tank starts to get damaged atall thanks to the replaceable coils..clearomizers

The picture above shows just a small amount of the clearomizer tanks available these days, theres litterally hundreds with so many different companies always competing to make the best and most value for money tank.

E Cigarette Troubleshooting Guides

e cigsE-cig or electronic cigarette can be used as an alternative to normal cigarettes. It is a healthy product as compare the normal cigarette. It is a nicotine free cigarette. Propylene Glycol, vegetable glycerin and e-fluids are used in e-cigarettes. Herbal tea, candy and fruit juices are also used in the e-cigarettes.

Now-a-days e-cigarettes are preferred by health conscious people. Problems may arise while using an e-cigarette. In this article, we will see the discussion about problems and their possible solutions.

The Production of Vapor:

It is seen that sometimes e-cigarette produce low vapor or no vapor at all. It may happen due to unclean battery and cartomizer. The only solution to this problem is to get rid of residue or debris from the battery. Always keep an extra battery to avoid these problems. It may also happen due to loss of connection between battery and the device. Therefore you need to check the connection.

Battery Problems:

Battery may get stuck on the starting position. It may result in seeping of the liquid in the battery. In this situation you need remove the battery from the atomizer. A gush of wind needs to be blown until the LED lights are on.

Supply of The E-liquid:

There may be disparity in the production of e-liquids. Sometimes there may be a gush of liquid and sometimes it stops producing liquid. It generally happens due to overflow of the liquid in the device. You should not fill excess amount of liquid in the device in order to stop this problem.

Charging of Battery:

Charging of the battery may cause a problem for the e-cigarette smoker. You may charge the battery. But it may not work properly. You have to click on the battery button in order to unlock it. A process of clicking fast or five six clicks at quick succession may solve the problem.

The Flashing Light of the Battery

Generally a flash light in the battery is a sign of low charge. If your battery flashes at the time of vaping then there is a problem with your battery.

The Taste of the Cartridge

Sometimes it is seen that the taste of the cartridge is not pleasant. It may happen due to shortage of liquid in the cartridge. You need to replace the cartridge in this situation.

This problem is also seen in the newly installed cartridges. It happens due to the burning of the e-liquids in the cartridge.

These are few troublesome aspects of the e-Cigarettes. You can get rid of it by applying above solutions.